sustainably MADE, WEARABLE ART

by Heidi Green 

Brave, Sassy, Badass and Free… Bebassy is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle label, made entirely out of art. Conceived in 2017, Bebassy grew out of a runway show which Artist/designer Heidi Green developed for Melbourne Fashion week. What began as a boutique textile collection, grew into a project to discover the most sustainable ways to create fashion out of art.

Handmade ethically in Indonesia, Bebassy is more than a label; it’s a movement in alternative manufacturing, and a search for freedom. Freedom of self-expression and self-love: for everyone who wears fashion and enjoys art. Freedom for the planet, rivers and oceans: from plastics and chemical waste. And freedom for the artists and makers who produce our clothes: to live and work in happier, healthier ways. Freedom. Or as we say in Indonesia, ‘Bebas’ (literal translation: to be free.)

To align fully with this vision, everything produced by Bebassy is either biodegradable and certified non toxic, or made from 100% recycled materials. Swimsuits are made using italian-woven nylon, repurposed from ocean plastics. Jewellery is handmade by internationally trained silversmiths using recycled antique coins. Kimonos, scarves, bedding and dresses are created using 100% natural fibres. Swing tags are made with recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. Print production is zero waste and 100% of every fabric roll gets used. Bebassy’s textiles are produced in collaboration with a zero-polyester textile manufacturer, using digital systems and chemical recycling.

Everything you buy from Bebassy is made with full consideration for each stage of impact we are having on the planet, and community, we want to live in. Global shipping. Enjoy!

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